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once Maaze ibne Mojairah went to prophet of God and said please confirm and promise that I will be with you in the paradise after life.

Prophet of God said : This is a bilateral matter .You must promise 6 things Then I will promise to be with me ... Moghirah said Ask me more ... Hz said no these are only 6.

1-  being truthful not saying lies. 2- Being truthful with your clean skirt ( man or woman) .3- When your promise to someone stay with it When your wife or husband gets old don't leave him/her alone4- When someone deposits something to you stand with it.5- don't look at Haram and keep your eyes clean 6- Don't eat Haram.

This same Maaze ibne Moghairah when died . Our prophet put him with his own blessed hands in the grave and prayed for him. Someone told lucky Maaze but  our prophet said because he was bad mood and bad humor with his wife now sense of feeling sorry pressed his soul very hard.


A historical dream

Let me tell you a dream from Iran's history there are too many and this is one of them.About 800 years ago ,in the coast of Caspian sea there was a remote village and there lived a few families including a fisherman called" Boy-eh". Once he dreamt he was urinating and his urine parted in four branch and got fire and threw fires in four spots.He told his neighbor about his dream but he knew nothing.Once they were cleaning the fish there was passing by an astonomer or astrologer his neighbor said : it is not bad to ask this man.They called him and said how much is interpreting a dream? He said what's it? After listening he said I don't interpret for less than 1000 coins, they said we are as poor as you and only this big fish we can give you.He accepted and said you have 4 sons and will become 4 kings.They laughed at him and mocking him saying : who will be a king this one who can't pull up his pants or this one whose nose water is pouring out or this one who has only a thread as his moustash And they took the fish back.
About 10 years later the big son was a warrior and took the power from the king and they become a dynasty who governed a vast area for 50 years. The dream story was narrated by their father .They looked for the man but didn't find him.


nightmare A nightmare

Once about 26 years ago I dreamt:I was sleeping and saw myself (spirit) came out of my body and went to the balcony .I looked to the sky and there were the sun, the moon and a few stars in the sky suddenly the moon fell down , the sun fell down and two stars fell down and I returned to my body and slept.
In the morning I referred to my true mythology dictionary and there was written moon is your mother or the minister, sun means your father or the king and stars are your brothers or the soldiers.I understood nothing and said it doesn't concern me.
Next year it was interpreted:My parents were killed in a car accident in the road.
the minister was executed in a revolution and the king flee and died.
Here broke out a war and many soldiers died and my brother was injured and my other brother died from blood cancer( Hutch-kin)


A few dreams from holy books.

It is said in the holy books ;That once Josef son of Jacob dreamt that the moon , the sun and 11 stars knelt for him. He told his father Jacob about his dream and his father told him not to tell your brothers because they are jealous. And after many adventures Josef became a minister and his brothers and parents went to see him as a Pharaoh's Minister.
Once Josef was in the prison as one of the adventures, there were two prisoners one asked him what it means if you see pressing the grape juice and Josef answered: You will serve wine for Pharaoh.
And the other asked, what does it mean if you see you are carrying bread on your head and the birds are eating from it?
He answered you will be hanged up and the birds will eat your head.
Another story is about Pharaoh's dream. One night he dreamt about 7 thick cows that 7 thin cows ate them and there were 7 green wheat bunches that were eaten by 7 yellow ones. He called his astronomers and astrologers and asked them the meaning but they told him it is a messed dream and has no meaning. The prisoner who was now the wine server said I know someone in the prison who knows send me there. Josef interpreted that there will be rains and blessings for 7 years then there won't rain for another 7 years and the solution is that you keep half of the harvest for the next 7 years.