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nightmare A nightmare

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Once about 26 years ago I dreamt:I was sleeping and saw myself (spirit) came out of my body and went to the balcony .I looked to the sky and there were the sun, the moon and a few stars in the sky suddenly the moon fell down , the sun fell down and two stars fell down and I returned to my body and slept.
In the morning I referred to my true mythology dictionary and there was written moon is your mother or the minister, sun means your father or the king and stars are your brothers or the soldiers.I understood nothing and said it doesn't concern me.
Next year it was interpreted:My parents were killed in a car accident in the road.
the minister was executed in a revolution and the king flee and died.
Here broke out a war and many soldiers died and my brother was injured and my other brother died from blood cancer( Hutch-kin)

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