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A historical dream



Let me tell you a dream from Iran's history there are too many and this is one of them.About 800 years ago ,in the coast of Caspian sea there was a remote village and there lived a few families including a fisherman called" Boy-eh". Once he dreamt he was urinating and his urine parted in four branch and got fire and threw fires in four spots.He told his neighbor about his dream but he knew nothing.Once they were cleaning the fish there was passing by an astonomer or astrologer his neighbor said : it is not bad to ask this man.They called him and said how much is interpreting a dream? He said what's it? After listening he said I don't interpret for less than 1000 coins, they said we are as poor as you and only this big fish we can give you.He accepted and said you have 4 sons and will become 4 kings.They laughed at him and mocking him saying : who will be a king this one who can't pull up his pants or this one whose nose water is pouring out or this one who has only a thread as his moustash And they took the fish back.
About 10 years later the big son was a warrior and took the power from the king and they become a dynasty who governed a vast area for 50 years. The dream story was narrated by their father .They looked for the man but didn't find him.


Once when I was 25-6 I dreamt I flew in the sky while I had my 3 years old daughter in my squad. I landed in a desert and instead my daughter I had a parcel wrapped in my wife's cloth. In that desert there was an island in the middle of the land two meters higher than the ground .There were standing four men with naked sword ( Straight old Persian swords). A few people that I couldn't see but sensed were trying to rob me the parcel.One of the four men said throw it here . I threw it and went up in that island that was full of small trees but without any fruits. after a tour in the island I went into a big room and there I met a pious man whom I knew and he hugged me.Then I woke up.
Now, flying means traveling - desert if alone means also frequent sorrows - an island means a work place- the parcel my wife had helped me much to prepare time to write.The people with swords means someone who has kind of power.
Trees are people - without fruit means without much knowledge-...

After a year from that dream I was working for tourism as a leader and had many adventures.The parcel were three books that I had translated and referred to a few publishers but they wanted to buy cheaply.
After a year of unemployment I started to work for a trade union and they published the books.the procedure took eight years.

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God bless you & your family. You got lot of knowledge about dreams and your own dream interpretation shows us how truthful dream language is.   

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