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Conditions for being a human

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once Maaze ibne Mojairah went to prophet of God and said please confirm and promise that I will be with you in the paradise after life.

Prophet of God said : This is a bilateral matter .You must promise 6 things Then I will promise to be with me ... Moghirah said Ask me more ... Hz said no these are only 6.

1-  being truthful not saying lies. 2- Being truthful with your clean skirt ( man or woman) .3- When your promise to someone stay with it When your wife or husband gets old don't leave him/her alone4- When someone deposits something to you stand with it.5- don't look at Haram and keep your eyes clean 6- Don't eat Haram.

This same Maaze ibne Moghairah when died . Our prophet put him with his own blessed hands in the grave and prayed for him. Someone told lucky Maaze but  our prophet said because he was bad mood and bad humor with his wife now sense of feeling sorry pressed his soul very hard.

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