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  1. Thanks Mr Varzandeh will do
  2. Hi my wife dreamed of traveling by bus or lorry on the way she lost money credit card even our son. She was upset a lot after this dream please interpret her dream. Thanks
  3. Thanks Mr.Varzandeh...
  4. Hi in my dream I was in unknown place there one cat came and grab my left hand thumb finger it was about to bite but some how i mange to remove my finger. Please interprete my dream. Thanks.
  5. Hi in my today's dream somebody broke our house main gate made of iron bars and enter to the house and stolen our TV.. In another dream my wife was taking bath my daughter was also there bath room was made up of glass walls when I saw some one out side passing I went to my wife and closed the glass by bath room curtains by half way covering she started to urinate on the floor and I was catching some on my hands. Please interpret my dream. Thanks
  6. Thanks Mr.Varzandeh..last year life trial was blessed and this new symbol shows by his mercy until next life trial his blessing will continue.
  7. Hi In my dream I was in an unknown house and saw lighting and thunder sound after that the house totally disappeared like fallen apart..please interpret my dream. Thanks
  8. Hi In my dream I was licking my brothers anus he was relaxed and told he got relief from his piles problem. Please interprete my dream. Thanks
  9. Hi in my dream I was travelling on a flight by holding wings next to me one more person also was there we crossed mountains after that flight altitude very low at one town i got down on top of buildings walking on the roofs. This town near by my native place.Please interprete my dream. Thanks
  10. Hi in my dream I was in a big hall there came my present company Plant manager & my reporting manager. Plant manager was checking some records and told to my manager to wrote EID 4 days like that. He was nervous my manager asked him are you having high blood pressure he said yes. I took a chocolate from my pocket and gave to him. Please Interprete my dream. Thanks
  11. Thanks Mr.Varzandeh..
  12. Hi Varzandeh in yesterdays dream defecated in open field and collected it in plastic cover..please interprete my dream. Thanks
  13. Thanks Mr.Varzandeh..I forgot this site i.d by luck I got the link. I will keep posting my dreams here.
  14. Hi Varzandeh, My daughter dreamed her hairs grown long and it was up to her knees. please interpret. Thanks
  15. Hi In my dream I saw helicopter was flying and could turn upside down and fly and back to normal.