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  1. Your husband in a dream represents your own mind in total and reflects the idea of using all your intelligence. The scene suggests that when you use all your intelligence you would mentally acknowledge to yourself an activity that your own mind feels is shameful. Here such an activity is seen as using cocaine, Any drug represents an idea that does not encourage mental clarity. Hiding the cocaine inside a game control implies that the idea preventing your mind from thinking clearly is related to your control over games. [Are you perhaps spending too much valuable time playing games? People do become addicted to game playing just as they do to cocaine.] Your father represents another mental aspect of yourself and relates to thinking that was meant to protect your innocence. But protecting innocence also means leaving you lacking in adult knowledge and ignorant. The scene indicates that you would be using such innocence protecting thinking when hearing that there is something amiss in your control over game playing. [This dream could be a warning that you need to spend more time on developing your mental abilities by reading, learning and study.]
  2. A cat represents an emotional aspect of yourself and relates to righteous feelings - feelings you feel you have a right to feel. In this scene these feelings are not working for you (as the cat wants to bite you) . This is happening in the subject area of what you might be counting on first and foremost. (cat goes for your thumb) A cat trying to bite you can also suggest a person who might "bite the hand that feeds it" - someone who would take advantage of you.