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Insult; rude word

If one dreamt was saying a rude word means his situation will get better.

If one dreamt was insulting someone means that person will overcome him.


Ice in the winter is interpreted as sorrow.

Ice in the summer means abundance and plenty.

If dreamt he was collecting ice in the summer means he will save some money.

Ice cream:

If dreamt eating ice cream or any frozen things means a sorrow.

If someone gave him an ice cream means quarrel and fight.


Fumigation means receiving money from a great humble man.

If dreamt fumigated something with good smell means will receive money.

Fumigation with bad smell means losing money.

Incense may also mean: 1-Plenty of money 2- pleasant life 3-good fame.


If one dreamt was idolating means will say a lie to God and will go a useless way of life.

If dreamt idolate a wooden idol means he is two faces in his religion.

If dreamt idolate a silver idol means he is faddish to a woman.

If dreamt a gold idol he is collecting money by immoral ways.

If dreamt a copper or iron idol his goal from religion is money.

If dreamt a jewel idol means his goal of religion is power and kingdom.

If dreamt an idol in his house means he can't use his wisdom and will wonder in his affairs.

Idol also may mean:1- lie 2- a deceiver 3- a corrupt deceiver woman.


Iron or metallic tools mean a server.

If Iron wasn't in a tool shape means money as much as he dreamt, iron beam or pole means a powerful rich man.

If someone gave him some iron he will give him some money.

If dreamt was ,melting iron or another metal , means he will speak behind the back of people.

If dreamt he had iron as an arm , it is related to a president .Iron/25.

If dreamt he was exploring iron from stones means some disturbance or pain is on the way. Son's of Israel/50-51.


Getting insane means that he will receive some immoral money and will spend it in a good way but people will reproach him.

If one dreamt he was insane means he will have usury and immoral profit. The Cow/275 .



If one dreamt he took an intestine in hand or someone gave him and he ate means he will have a benefit from family and relatives or his relatives will have a fortune because of him.

If dreamt his intestine was out of his belly means one of the family children will receive a lordship.

If dreamt he was eating someone's intestine means he will receive someone's hidden money.

If dreamt he found an intestine means he will find a hidden money or will have a lordship and dignity, if not he will receive some money .

If one dreamt his intestine was out of his mouth means there is a death danger for his child.

If dreamt someone's intestine was out of his mouth means he will spend a hidden money.

Intestine may also mean: 1- Immoral money 2- kindness 3- Rude words 4- a child 5- life 6- a good deed.

Iris; Nenuphar

Iris is a plant with big wide leaves and yellow blossom.

If one dreamt about nenuphar means an ignoble inferior servant.

If dreamt had an Iris or someone gave him means he will sit with sucha person and will be contempt by her/him.


If one dreamt about his own intellect like a human and said I am your intellect and he

knew it, means if he is an honest person he will sit with the president or governor's son and will have benefits.

Some interpreters say he will get rich and will have some dignity.

If one dreamt his intellect and his soul like human and knew they are his and they said we are your intellect and soul means he will achieve a wish and a fortune.

Some interpreters say intellect and soul mean his parents .If they are alive , he will meet them , if they are deceased means his prayers and charities is received by them.

Intellect may also mean: 1- a fortune 2- parents 3- president and his child 4- a plenty of money.

Inspissated juice

Sweet inspissated juice means a goodness and benefit and sour ones mean a sorrow.

Insipssating and cooking it mean sa job and benefit but sour ones means a loss.

Itching; scratch

If one dreamt his body was itching means he will search for news about his family and he will be sad.

If dreamt scratched his body and it was hurt means his family and relatives will disturb him.


If one dreamt someone injured him but there was no bleeding means the attacker will tell him a true word and he can not reply.

If the wound was bleeding means the attacker will tell him a lie impossible word.

If one had many bruises on his body means his money will decrease or he will contrite sins.

Wound may also mean:1- money 2- benefit 3- unpleasant words.


Increase in a goodness and honesty means good but increase in evil means bad.

Increase in body parts means money.

If dreamt that increase caused him hurt , means an illness and money loss.

Charm- Spell.

Enchanting means deceiving people except spells in the name of God and holy books.

If enchanter dreamt he was cured with that charm means achieving a wish, else means a sorrow.

Charming without the name of God means a useless job.

If in the name of God means a true job and benefits.

Iron collar and chain

Chain and iron collar is interpreted as blasphemy.

If one dreamt he had an iron collar and chain on his neck means he is hypocrite with the believers.

If dreamt there was iron collar and chain on his hands means he is miser and jealous.

If an honest person dreamt he had an iron collar and chain means he will leave the material world.


Ink is interpreted as livelihood and achieving the wishes.

If dreamt someone gave him some ink means he will have an opening in his life.

If dreamt the ink spotted his cloth means he will have a loss but if he is a writer means he will have some greatness.

If dreamt he was writing with ink; if it was about holy books or God means goodness for him, if not means an evil and corruption is on the way.


Ivory is interpreted as money from a governor.

If one dreamt had some ivory means he will receive a benefit from the governor.

If dreamt his ivory was lost means his money will waste.

If dreamt had some ivory in a box means one of his relatives will marry a woman from royal family.

If dreamt had an ivory inkpot means he will have a g/f and some dignity.

As much as the ivory was white means the money will be more.


If one dreamt was ill a mean his believes are corrupt and is discord.

If dreamt his illness was cured and was not in his house and was not speaking to people means his illness will be long and there is a death danger.

If dreamt his illness was cured and he was speaking with people means rescue from that illness.

If dreamt was ill and was naked there is a death danger. Livestock/94.

Also if dreamt was ill means will commit a sin and will be sad for his wife.

If dreamt was ill and was groaning means rescue from a sorrow.

If dreamt was ill and was satisfy and was thanking God means he will cure.

Iron monger –Smith

A known Iron monger means the governor.

Unknown iron monger means the smith in his region.

Iron also means: 1- benefit and power 2- overcome the enemy.

If dreamt was a smith and he wasn't, means fight and enmity with someone.

If he was smith and dreamt so, means benefits.

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Converting to Islam,

If someone dreamt converted to Islam , means he/she after studying about the prophet's 12 successors will convert to Islam.

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