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If one dreamt was fighting a jackal means he will fight a relative.

If dreamt a jackal was rubbing itself to him means he isn't afraid of anyone.

If dreamt was playing with a jackal means he will fall in love.

If dreamt was eating jackal meat , if he is ill means he will cure, if has debts he will

pay back.

Meat and skin and bones of jackal means money.


If one dreamt he was a juggler means he will do useless vain jobs.

If dreamt he was watching jugglery means he will be trapped in a bad situation.

Jasper; Jade

If one dreamt had a ring with jade stone means he will marry.

If dreamt he had a lot of Jade means he will receive money from women.

Judgment day Bridge

If dreamt was standing on the judgment day bridge means he will help to clean a few

sins. Conquer/2.

If dreamt passed away the judgment bridge will be safe from a big disaster.

If dreamt fell down from the judgment bridge into the hell means will have a disaster.

If dreamt passed away the judgment bridge means he will choose the goodness and

right path.

Also Judgment Bridge means: 1- a true work 2- hardship and difficulties 3- fears 4-

suppress by the governor 5- a sin 6- Discord.

Jewel (stones)

To dream about jewel stone means about a rich beautiful woman.

If dreamt had a jewel means will marry such a woman.

If dreamt his jewel was lost means a divorce or a separation.

If one dreamt was selling pearls and jewels and it was his means he has science and

religion and he does everyone a favor.

If he isn't religious and sells the jewels means will have some servers and money.

Some interpreters say selling jewels means intermediation to marry a virgin girl.

If had a white pearl means will have a baby.


If an honest pious person dreamt was selling jewels means will learn some science.

Jewel may also mean: 1- money 2- a famous science 3- a famous child 4- a precious

property 5- a beautiful woman 6- A useful speech 4- blessings 8- a good deed.


If one dreamt he was a judge but he isn't worthy for this job means he will have a

disaster and will lose his money.

But if he is knowledgeable he will get a judgment job.

If one dreamt about a known judge means he will get a scientific degree.

If dreamt an unknown judge means his belief is pure. The Thunder/41.

If one dreamt a judge said his verdict about him means he will have a law suit verdict

in real life.

If dreamt a judge was looking at him kindly means he will receive a benefit.

If the judge was looking at him angrily means he will have a sorrow.


Jujube is interpreted as money.

If one dreamt gave some jujube to someone means he will do him a favor.

If dreamt was eating jujube means he will receive some money Juice of aloes

This is interpreted as a scientist whose goal is earning money.

If one dreamt he had some juice of aloes or ate some means he will sit with such a


Jug: Pitcher

If one dreamt had clay jug means he will have a g/f or a maidservant.

If dreamt he was drinking from clay jug means he will have sex with his g/f.

If dreamt the jug broke means he will separate her.

If dreamt had a clay jug means he will have some money.

If dreamt had a gold or silver jug means he will receive a big money.

If the jug was metallic means small money.

Jug stand means a noble woman.

Jug may also mean: 1- wife 2- g/f 3- a strong belief 4- health 5- long life 6-money and

blessing 7- heritage from women.

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