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Knot; node

If one dreamt he tied rope means he will trust to an affair.

If dreamt he was knotting something very tight means his affairs will be closed.

If dreamt he couldn't open a knot means his affairs will remain closed.

Kingdom, Governing:

There are twelve symbols that mean the dreamer will be a governor:

1- If dreamt a messenger chose him as a leader.

2- If dreamt he chose religion as a career.

3- If dreamt was behind a messenger waiting for prayers.

4- If dreamt was speaking in a place that a messenger speaks.

5- If dreamt was wearing messenger's cloth.

6- If dreamt had a ring.

7- If dreamt he was sun or a moon.

8- If dreamt his body was like a river.

9- If dreamt his eye was the wall of the city.

10- If dreamt his eye was an altar.

11- If dreamt the president or the king gave him a ring.

Kaaba (for Muslims)

Kaaba is interpreted as a caliph or a governor.

If one dreamt he turning around Kaaba means a benefit from the governor and a true belief.

If dreamt he wore unsowed cloth for turning around it also means a true belief.

If dreamt his house was Kaaba and people were visiting it means he keeps people's deposit and will be honored.

If a governor dreamt went to Kaaba means God will grant him more dignity and greatness.

If one dreamt Kaaba collapsed or burnt means the situation of the governor will deteriorate.

If dreamt he opened the door of Kaaba means his situation will be better by the governor.

If one dreamt he was in the Kaaba means he will be safe from enemies. The Emran Family/97.

If dreamt he was on the roof of Kaaba means his belief is spoiled and bad.

Kaaba may also mean: 1- Caliph 2- Leader 3- belief 4- safety.

Kneading-trough; Kind of wash tube for food

Kneading trough means an honest sympathetic wife or woman that has benefits for

the house and keeps away from corruption.

If this kneading-trough broke or was lost means the wife or the woman will separate

or there is a death danger.

Key: switch

Key is interpreted as a man who solves the problems also means to overcome the enemy.

If one dreamt he had many keys means he will receive some dignity and esteem. The groups /63. The council/12.

If one dreamt he had a metal key means he will get some power.

If dreamt had a copper or brass key means he will say something and someone will accept.

If he had a wooden key means a small benefit.

If he opened a lock means he will achieve a wish or he will marry.

If couldn't open means he won't achieve a wish.

Key may also mean :1- A good news and a happiness 2- Rescue from a sorrow 3- Curing an illness 4- Achieving a wish 5- Power 6- Granting a prayer 7- Science.



If dreamt he was beating a kettledrum means a bad news and a lie will reveal that is related to the drummer.

If dreamt he was playing flute when beating the drum and was dancing means a big disaster and sorrow.

If dreamt he was beating a kettledrum and was alone means he will say lies or he will do something openly.

Beating a kettledrum means lie news against each other that there is no goodness


Kidney means hidden money that he will have and will spend.

If dreamt had some cooked sheep or cow kidney means he will find hidden money.

If dreamt was eating sheep or cow kidney means he will have some moral money.

Some interpreters say: one's kidney means his child.



If one dreamt he was a hostage or was kidnapped means he will keep away from a sin.
If dreamt his child or his wife or a friend was a hostage means someone will oppress him.
If dreamt someone was his hostage means that a person will need him.
Some interpreters say if he was a hostage means his belief is spoiled. The clothed one/38



If one dreamt he kicked to someone means his situation will get bad or he will get ill.

If dreamt a horse or a mule kicked him means his business will go bad.

If dreamt a camel kicked him means he will have troubles in a travel.

If dreamt a cow kicked him means he will have a loss.

To kick may also mean: 1- lowering esteem 2- hurt and loss 3- sorrow 4- a corrupt wife.


If one dreamt kissed someone means he likes him/her.

If dreamt kissed an unknown person means an unexpected benefit.

If dreamt kissed a known person means will receive a benefit from him.

If dreamt kissed a dead person means will do a charity for that dead or will pray for him.

If a dead kissed him means will receive something as heritage.

If hugged a dead person means curing an illness.


If dreamt was knitting cloth means a travel and weaver is a traveler.

Some interpreters say knitting means quarrel and fight.

If dreamt cut a knitted cloth means an affair will end with a quarrel.

If dreamt was swaging a rope means a travel.

If dreamt finished a knitting means a travel, if dreamt didn't finish means his job won't finish.

Weaver means a traveler if dreamt a weaver was weaving a cloth means a quarrel and fight.

If dreamt knitted a cloth to the end means a sorrow.

Kow'sar (a pond in paradise)

If one dreamt about the judgment day and people were around the kow'sar pond means there will be a just and fair governor.

If dreamt he drank a bowl of water from this pond means he will be a believer at last.

If dreamt he was by this pond but nobody gave him water means he has enmity with prophets.

If dreamt a prophet gave him water to drink, means the prophet will intercede for him.

If dreamt his name was written in the kow'sar pond and drank a bowl of water of it

means he will sit with a big scientist and will have material spiritual benefits.

If dreamt was drinking water from this pond but its water was dark and unpleasant means he is discord and unaware of holy books.

If dreamt this pond was as he had learnt and he drank its entire water means he is a great believer.


Kitchen means a server at home, or a housewife.

If the kitchen was made of raw bricks and mud means she is religious and good moral.

If it was from cooked bricks and chalk means an immoral wife.

If the kitchen wasn't his the goodness and evil is related to the owner.


Knee is interpreted as means of livelihood.

If one dreamt his knee was broken means his job will be dull.

If dreamt his knee was big and powerful means his job or business will be good and there will be an opening in his life.

If dreamt he was walking on his knees means his job will be weak and dull.

If dreamt his knee cap was broken means he will be needy to people.

If dreamt his knee cap fell down means he will lose his capital money.


If one dreamt he had a knife in hand and it was for his own means he will have a baby boy.

If dreamt he had a knife with another arm means he will get famous.

If dreamt he pulled out a knife from its cover means his wife will give birth a baby boy.

If dreamt the knife broke in its scabbard means there is a danger for his father or one of the relatives.

If dreamt he was scraping something with a knife means he will do an unpaid work.

If dreamt his knife was rusted means he will lose some money.

Knife may also mean;1- Kindness 2- A child 3- A victory 4- A supporter 5- Power 6- Governorship.

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