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If one dreamt was urinating in a place except a bathroom means if he is rich will lose

some money, but if has debts will pay back.

If dreamt was urinating in an unknown place means will marry a girl from there.

If dreamt there was blood instead of urine means he will have a retarded baby.

If dreamt there was dregs and pus instead of urine means will have a malformed baby.

If dreamt was eating urine means he will earn some immoral money.

If dreamt urinated in the water means his child will study holy books and will be a

wise knowledgeable person.

If dreamt urinated some and kept some of it means will lose some money but some of

his sorrow will be over.

If dreamt people touched his urine and rubbed to themselves means his child will be a

knowledgeable and people will follow him.

If urinated in the church or mosque means he will spend his money improperly.

If dreamt his clothes were polluted with urine means he will spend money for his child and family.

Urinating in its place means money for poor people, freedom for slaves and jailed

people .Curing for ill people and turning back for travelers. Discharge for an agent

and for a judge means discharge and for a governor means death and for business people means a loss.

If dreamt urinated in his home in its place means will spend some money for his

family but the money will replaced. Saba'a/ 39.

Unclean (for having sex)

If one dreamt was unclean by having sex means he is wandering in immoral money.

Some interpreters say; he will go to a travel and will have success.

If dreamt he had a complete wash and wore clothes means he will rescue from those

immoral at last.

If dreamt he was unclean and was naked means he will wander in his job.


If dreamt was unconscious and lost his wisdom means he will be wondering in an affair but will have a good ending.

Getting unconscious may also mean difficulties.


If one dreamt someone took an umbrella over his head means he will receive some dignity and rank.

If dreamt had the king's umbrella in his hand means will be dear by the king.

Umbrella may also mean: 1- Kingdom 2- reputation 3- Dignity 4- Directorship 5- honor 6- sitting with honored people.

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