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Please Read This

All posts must be written in English or Persian(No pinglish format).

1. Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages.

2. Only ONE user profile per person, no multiple login IDs.

If you want special consideration, like you want your spouse to have a separate account, both using same IP, then PM the admin.

3. No posting of links to non-dream related sites.

4. DO NOT copy content from other sites and post it here. There are copyright issues to consider.

5. You must accept these rules before you can post.

6. Please DO NOT cross-post, meaning do not post the same thread in multiple forums. This creates duplicate content penalties, and makes it hard for an interpreter to decide which post to reply to.

Welcome to Dreamsfact..com

This site is for sharing and interpreting dreams. I hope you like it, and respect the civil atmosphere here.


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