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i dreamt a dream but in thought i am awake


last night i dreamt i am sleeping but i think i am awake. i laying on the bed and couldn't open my eyes. saw a devil/jen in front of me and its like sitting on me. i couldnt move and doing anything. because of that at that moment who i think this is a devil i started to praying (hamd soore and besmelah several times) its like Bakhtak on me. and its dont move from me.

thank you for your attention

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If dreamt someone was sleeping on a bed means he will receive some dignity but he is
far from religion because being asleep means a neglect.

Some interpreters say sleeping for a feared person means safety and for a dead person
means forgiveness and for an ill person means curing also for a jailed person means

If one dreamt he was reciting the opening chapter ( Hamd) it means he will have a long life and
his affairs will be on the base of belief.


CXII The Unity
If one dreamt was reading this chapter  ( TOHID) means his belief is very good and will have the
chance for praying.
Some interpreters say his belief is pure, or will be prosperous in both worlds and will
have a pleasant life.

If one said In the Name of God the beneficent the merciful , he will be kind and all  the doors of science will be open for him.

If dreamt was fighting the devil and defeated Satan means he is an honest person.This is your case.
If dreamt devil defeated him means he likes evil and corrupt.

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